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Victims of domestic violence can apply for protection orders to keep their abusers away. A "temporary protection order" (a "TPO") may be issued for up to a month, and an extended protection order may be issued for up to a year. 

To apply for a TPO, you usually have to fill out the an application and a confidential information sheet.  The forms are below:

Application for Temporary Protection Order (pdf fillable)

Application for Temporary Protection Order (pdf)

Confidential Information Sheet (pdf fillable)

Confidential Information Sheet (pdf)

You can file for a TPO at your local Justice Court.  There is no fee to file these papers.  Please visit Find My Court to locate your nearest Justice Court.

There are other forms available for TPO matters on the Nevada Supreme Court's website.

For more information on resources available to victims of domestic violence, please see the Domestic Violence section of this website.

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