How long after the marriage can a marriage be annulled?

There is no time limit on when a marriage can be annulled.  Instead, a person asking for an annulment must prove one of the legal grounds showing that the marriage should be annulled.

What are the grounds for an annulment?

There are several reasons a marriage can be annulled, including:

  • The spouses are closely related;
  • One person was already married to someone else at the time the parties tried to marry;
  • One of the spouses was under the age of 18 at the time of the marriage and did not obtain to proper consent (from a parent and/or a judge);
  • One of the spouses was unable to consent to the marriage and did not understand the actions they were taking at the time; 
  • One of the spouses was insane at the time of the marriage and has now regained sanity;
  • One of the spouses committed a fraud on the other to get them to agree to the marriage.

These reasons are discussed more on the Grounds for Annulment page. 

I got married in Nevada on the spur of the moment while I was on vacation there. Now I've changed my mind. Can I get the marriage annulled?

A person who gets married in Nevada or who lives in Nevada can ask the court for an annulment.  One of the Grounds for Annulment must be proved before an annulment can be granted.

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