After you file your adoption case, there are certain forms that must be provided to the judge and to the county's child welfare agency.  Read on for more information about which forms to provide to whom.

Forms for the Judge

Remember, most adoptions require you to submit to a home study and complete an affidavit listing the fees you paid for the adoption.  If you are related to the child, the judge can waive these requirements.  You already completed the application to waive these requirements when you completed and filed your initial forms. 

You will need to submit the following documents to your judge for review:

  • A filed copy of the Ex Parte Application to Waive Child Welfare Investigation & Affidavit of Fees
  • The Order to Waive Child Welfare Investigation & Affidavit of Fees

The judge will review these forms and sign the order if everything is done properly.  The judge's staff will call you or mail you the signed order after the judge signs it.

Forms for the Department of Family Services

By law, the local child welfare agency (the "Department of Family Services," or "DFS") must receive copies of certain forms.  You must mail copies of the following to DFS:

  • A filed and signed copy of the Judge's Order to Waive Child Welfare Investigation and Affidavit of Fees
  • A filed copy of the noncustodial parent's consent to the adoption (if a parent signed one), along with your permanent address

Mail the copies of the court documents to your local DFS Office.

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