How to Transfer a Guardianship to Nevada

If you were appointed the guardian (or conservator) in another state and obtained that court's permission to move with the protected person to Nevada, the other court probably required you to file your guardianship papers in Nevada.  This is called "transferring" the guardianship to Nevada so that all future issues can be handled by a Nevada court.

To transfer your guardianship to Nevada, you will need to file some papers in Nevada and set a hearing so the Nevada judge can make sure you are qualified under Nevada laws to serve as the guardian.   Fill out all of the forms below: 

Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet

Confidential Information Sheet

Attach a form of ID for each guardian and the protected person to this form. 

Adult Guardianship - Confidential Information Sheet

Child Guardianship - Confidential Information Sheet


You will need to attach a certified copy of the order from the other court that says you have permission to move to Nevada with the protected person. 

Adult Guardianship - Transfer Petition 

Child Guardianship - Transfer Petition


Citation to Appear

All of the same relatives who were served with the original guardianship paperwork must be served with the request to transfer the case to Nevada by certified mail, return receipt requested. Fill out a certificate of service with the signature cards from the relatives who sign for the certified mail. 

Certificate of Service

The guardian will have to appear at a hearing, and if the guardian is qualified, the judge will sign a "provisional" order to accept the case.  The guardian will then have to formally terminate the case in the original state so Nevada can fully transfer the case.


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