Courtroom bw About Stalking and Harassment Protection Orders

 A person can apply for a protection order to keep another person away if that person is harassing or stalking them.  The legal definitions of what behavior might qualify are:  


  • A person threatens to: harm another person in the future, damage another person’s property, confine or restrain another person, or do any act intended to substantially harm another person’s physical or mental health or safety; AND
  • The person's words or conduct causes the applicant to reasonably fear that the threats will be carried out.  (NRS 200.571)


  • A person engages in a course of conduct that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, harassed, or fearful for their immediate safety or that of a family or household member, AND
  • The applicant actually feels terrorized, frightened, or intimidated, harassed, or fearful for their immediate safety or that of a family or household member.  (NRS 200.575(1))

Aggravated stalking: 

  • A person engages in "stalking" as defined above, AND
  • The threat is intended to cause reasonable fear of death or substantial bodily harm.  (NRS 200.575(3))


Follow these steps to apply for a protection order against stalking/harassment:

Copy bw 1. Fill out the forms.  There are 3 forms you will have to fill out to apply.

Clerk bw 2. File the forms.  File these at your local Justice Court. 

Emergency Order bw 3. Wait for a decision from the judge.  You may or may not have a hearing with the judge. 

Learn more about each step below. 


Copy bw  Step 1. Fill out the forms.  

You will have to fill out an application, a confidential information sheet, and a cover sheet for the court. 


Application: This tells the judge about the person you want protection from and why.  The other person will get a copy of this form later.  

Application for Protection from Stalking/Harassment (pdf fillable)

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Confidential Information Sheet: This helps law enforcement locate and serve the other person if a protection order is granted.  The other person will not see this form, so fill it out completely.  

Protection Order Confidential Information Sheet (pdf fillable)

Español  Tagalog  Tiếng Việt  汉语


Cover Sheet: This gives the court the information needed to file your case. 

Civil Cover Sheet (pdf fillable)


Clerk bw  Step 2. File the forms.  

There is no fee to file the forms.

File them at at your local Justice Court.  If you are not sure where that is, visit Find My Court.  


Emergency Order bw  Step 3. Wait for a decision from the judge.  

 These cases are usually handled within a few days after you file.  The judge has several options when reviewing your application:

  • The judge could grant a protection order based just on your written application.
  • The judge could set a hearing if the judge needs to ask more questions before deciding.
  • The judge could deny the request.  

The court should notify you of the decision once the judge has reviewed your application.  If you do not hear anything within a few days, contact the court to find out the status of your application. 

If the judge grants an order, law enforcement will serve the other party with copies of your application and the order. 

There will be a hearing in 30-45 days if you requested an extended order.  Make plans to participate in that hearing.  

Get copies of your TPO

If there are addresses the other person has to stay away from (work, schools, etc.), get enough copies of the TPO so each location can keep one.  Give a copy to each location so they know the adverse party is to stay away.  The court will give you certified copies for free.  Keep a copy of the TPO with you at all times.  

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